This page of my blog is specifically FOR YOU!

The purpose of Apologetics as an Individual Event in NCFCA and Stoa is to both answer your own questions about apologetics, as well as to equip you to be ready to give a defense for the hope that is within you.

Though I was raised in the church, when I was in high school I could not answer these types of questions in my own mind. Answering them for others was definitely beyond me! So I’m very excited to see that you have chosen to compete in Apologetics, because this competition is a great way for you to dive in and wrestle with your own questions. You will also learn how to defend the faith when interacting with others.

Since my purpose is to help you answer the apologetics questions, I want to give you the kind of help you really need. So if you have specific questions regarding competition, the questions themselves, speech structures, or anything to do the Apologetics category of competition, please send me your questions.  I would really like to post what would be helpful to you.

Betsy McPeak

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