When a man dies…


Competitor’s Question:

I am doing NCFCA apologetics and I have a question on this statement: “When a man dies, he simply ceases to exist. There is no immortality or eternal life.”

Thanks! Rachel



Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your question about your NCFCA apologetics competition.

First of all, when answering a competition […]

Born OK?



Competitor’s Question:

I have been asked to analyze and respond to the bumper sticker “BORN OK THE FIRST TIME”. I know what I want to say, but I can’t find any good verses. Any ideas?






Dear Hannah ~

I suppose that this bumper sticker is implying […]

Going Cardless



Competitor’s Question: What is your opinion on going “cardless” in round? Still having done the study and research behind topics, but not bringing an outline or a prewritten speech into the competition room with you. I did this at the last tournament in Semis and Finals and got many positive remarks about […]

Competition Question: Card sharing.


Mrs. McPeak,

Are NCFCA students allowed to share cards for the tournaments? It seems like cheating because the rules say it must be an original work. Please explain exactly what is allowed on the cards.

Susie W.





Good question ~ Susie!

No sharing is allowed at tournaments. Each student […]

Competition question: Choosing a card.



Hello Mrs. McPeak,

I was wondering if you could explain to me how exactly the whole “choosing of cards” process works. I do not have a full understanding of this process.






Dear Meredith,

When you walk into the competition room for apologetics, you will choose 3 slips […]

Fun Tournament Final Round question: Does quantum mechanics conflict with the Christian view of matter?

The Christian view of matter is that God made it.

There is God, the Creator, and there is His creation, matter. The Genesis account tells us that in the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. In the first chapter of John’s gospel we are told that the Word made flesh was in the […]

Competitor question: Finding an opposing viewpoint.


Hi Mrs. McPeak,

I have been working on the card, Analyze and respond to the statement, “I don’t need Jesus, I can just relate to God myself.” –Anonymous I’ve had some trouble finding an opposing viewpoint. Do you think the Unification Church would work, since they believe that Jesus’ work was not enough, […]

Competitor question: How do I change the audience to unbelievers?



Hi Mrs. McPeak,

I wrote an apologetics card on the Omnipotence of God. I gave it in small groups and they said to change the audience to unbelievers. How do I do this?


~ Rachel




Dear Rachel,

This is an excellent question!

Think of a football team at […]

Category 4 – SA #5: Analyze and respond to the statement, “It is arrogant to claim to know the truth.” –Anonymous

NCFCA Competitors ~

Here are some thoughts to help you answer question #5 Statement Analysis in Category 4:

First, note that the quote says it is arrogant to know the truth in general. It does not specifically refer to Christians, though we know that Christians are usually the target of this accusation.

To say that […]

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