Apologetics Launch Announced for September 2015

How do I set up my apologetics card file??

Is the Bible a reliable document?

How do I write 100 speeches before the first tournament?

Do I have to turn off my brain to believe in Jesus?

How do I appeal to non-believers?


Meet with other apologetics competitors for teaching […]

Category 3: Purpose, destiny, and essential duty of man.

Competitor’s Question:

What is the difference in the purpose, the destiny, and the essential duty of man? These words all seem the same.


In Category 3 of both NCFCA and Stoa Apologetics Questions for the Limited Prep Individual Event you will find these three similar questions:

What is the purpose of man? What […]

Going Cardless



Competitor’s Question: What is your opinion on going “cardless” in round? Still having done the study and research behind topics, but not bringing an outline or a prewritten speech into the competition room with you. I did this at the last tournament in Semis and Finals and got many positive remarks about […]

Competitor’s question: What do I put on my apologetics cards?

There is a lot of freedom in this event. When you are just starting out in speech and in apologetics, you might need more structure. Here is an outline that you can follow:

How To Reach People Ready To Hear – This can help you remember the parts: HTRPRTH

Hook (Share a story, analogy, […]

How many cards do I need for one apologetics speech?

From an NCFCA competitor:

One of the biggest problems I seem to have is too many cards per question. I know it’s different for each person, but what do you see as a good amount of cards per question?

As you say, everyone is different. But in general I think about 6 cards […]

Competitor question: Finding an opposing viewpoint.


Hi Mrs. McPeak,

I have been working on the card, Analyze and respond to the statement, “I don’t need Jesus, I can just relate to God myself.” –Anonymous I’ve had some trouble finding an opposing viewpoint. Do you think the Unification Church would work, since they believe that Jesus’ work was not enough, […]

Competitor question: How do I change the audience to unbelievers?



Hi Mrs. McPeak,

I wrote an apologetics card on the Omnipotence of God. I gave it in small groups and they said to change the audience to unbelievers. How do I do this?


~ Rachel




Dear Rachel,

This is an excellent question!

Think of a football team at […]

Prepare for life… while building your card files for competition



Apologetics Webinar September 2011 – Closed

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The heart behind this class:

My faith was nearly shipwrecked […]

Competition prep questions


I received some great questions from Emily in Wisconsin today. She asked how to work on apologetics cards as a group.

First of all, Emily, I applaud the willingness of you and your mom to step up and lead this group of students. I think it will be so rewarding to you, as […]

Coaching TIP: When multiple questions deal with the same topic, you can build generic cards for your file box.

Under Category 3: THE NATURE PURPOSE AND DESTINY OF MAN there are several questions about man’s sin nature. Although you do need to define the term unique to each question as you give you speech, you can cross apply a lot of the support for your speech. I would suggest three generic cards:

1. SIN […]