Apologetics eBook: REAL Ideas of REAL People

Do you want to truly understand how to interact with non-Christian ideas from a Christian worldview? Our curriculum is interactive and online. We just went through and updated every link to give students practice interacting with the real ideas of real people. Interact with YouTube videos! Evaluate online articles!Get REAL in your study of apologetics.


Apologetics Launch Announced for September 2015

How do I set up my apologetics card file??

Is the Bible a reliable document?

How do I write 100 speeches before the first tournament?

Do I have to turn off my brain to believe in Jesus?

How do I appeal to non-believers?


Meet with other apologetics competitors for teaching […]

When a man dies…


Competitor’s Question:

I am doing NCFCA apologetics and I have a question on this statement: “When a man dies, he simply ceases to exist. There is no immortality or eternal life.”

Thanks! Rachel



Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your question about your NCFCA apologetics competition.

First of all, when answering a competition […]

Extra-Biblical Evidence

“Christianity was the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world. Its emergence owed nothing to a holy carpenter.” That is the claim made at www.jesusneverexisted.com where Jesus is called “The Imaginary Friend.”

If you do a google search of “Jesus not real,” quite a few websites will pop up. To answer claims […]

Personal diplomacy

This past week I watched a 7-minute video clip done by the History channel about George W. Bush’s soon-to-be-released portrait paintings. Now before you tune me out or react, this blog has nothing to do with Bush’s policies or positions. I want to talk about him as a human being. What I saw in this […]

Not a Noah movie review



This is not a “Noah” movie review. This is a blog about how we should interact with art. Hopefully, you can take away some thoughts about how to relate to movies, including “Noah,” and art in general.

I used to only interact with art that I “liked” (and that was before Facebook). […]

3 Apologists Address Doubt



“The doubleness or indecisive tornness of doubt can be described from the outside with high-noon clarity. But from the inside it is foggy, grey, and disorienting. The world of doubting feels like a world with no landmarks and no bearings.” ~ Os Guiness



If you have doubts about the Christian […]

Is faith merely elephant optimism?


The word “faith” conjures up various meanings in our minds. To some it might suggest the type of optimism that it would take for an elephant to jump to a monkey on a trapeze. A leap of faith contrary to reality. Many think that those who have faith in Jesus will end up […]

Did Luke miss it by 60 years?



Question from a reader:

Why does Luke mention Lysanias as the ruler of Abilene?



Luke opens his gospel with his purpose statement. He is writing an orderly record of what happened to give certainty to his account:

Luke 1 — Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of […]

Atheists & Christians discuss civility

In my apologetics class this past week, we discussed the COEXIST bumper sticker. I was making the point that not all of the religions on the bumper sticker can be true at the same time without denying the law of non-contradiction. Then one lady said that she would almost put the sticker on her car, […]