Apologetics Launch Announced for September 2015


How do I set up my apologetics card file??

Is the Bible a reliable document?

How do I write 100 speeches before the first tournament?

Do I have to turn off my brain to believe in Jesus?

How do I appeal to non-believers?


Meet with other apologetics competitors for teaching and coaching once a week online under the mentorship of Ethos coach, apologetics enthusiast, & C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow Betsy McPeak. You will get the nuts and bolts of the competitive event, plus the benefits of Betsy’s 40-year passion for apologetics, 13 years of coaching this limited prep event, and her study of various schools of apologetics from L’Abri to Cambridge.

What? 10 online class meetings this fall.

Plus 2 half-hour private coaching sessions during this semester.

Dates? Wednesdays. Sept. 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct. 7, 14, 28, Nov. 4, 11, 18

Times? 3-5 p.m. EST — should work for all U.S. time zones.

Who? Home-schooled high schoolers, ages 14-18, competing in apologetics in Stoa, NCFCA, or any other  league.

Why?  Coaching. Confidence. Camaraderie.

How much? $200

Curriculum? Introduction to the Art of Apologetics (3 DVD set) $30

Available here: http://www.ethosdebate.com/products/introduction-art-apologetics/

This course is designed to launch you into your apologetics competition.

Interested? Please send your questions or intention to participate to betsy.mcpeak@ethosapologetics.com. I will send you registration information.

hope more…compete with confidence

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